Adox Polo

Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar L 1:2,8/45mm
Pronto 1/20 - 1/250 s. + B

This camera is similar to my first camera, that I used about 1970. In those days I could not afford it to buy a new camera, so I bought a seccond-hand one. Lateron I exchanged it for a Yashica. This Adox Polo I bought in Doesburg in August 2000.

Not for sale!

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Voor 69 gulden (incl. paraattas) heb ik op 7/9/1961 een Adox Polo gekocht. Daarmee ongeveer 20 jaren gefotografeerd. Uiteindelijk weggedaan omdat het transportmechanisme steeds vaker weigerde. Reden voor deze mail: in tegenstelling tot uw gegevens, bezat mijn Polo een lens met een sterkte van "slechts" 3,5. P.s.: het instructieboekje bezit ik nog.
Jan van den Berg (Zuidhorn)

Hi Andy, the camera in the picture is not the Adox Polo 1, it is the model 1s. This camera featured a better shutter as well as better lens than the Polo 1. it was also my first 35mm camera, which i bought in 1963 near Munich, Germany. Best regards, Siegi
Siegi Niedermair (Toronto, Canada)

ihave this camera as same as shown and iwill sell this camera to best offer
kayhan hamasian (tehran- iran)

There has actually been at least three "Polo 1" models, none of them with a conspicuous Polo logo. The "Polo 1" models have the 3.5/45mm Schleussner Adoxar and a Prontor 125 shutter. The early Polo 1 has a plain viewfinder, the later model already has a brightline finder, which explains the confusion with the 1s model (brightline finder, Schneider Radionar L lens, Pronto shutter with selftimer).
Belzey (France)

I have an Adox Polo but shutter speed is 1/30 - 1/250 + b
paolo gargiulo (roma Italia)

While stationed at Evreux AFB in 1963, I purchased, 2nd. hand, an Adox 300. This is a manual f2.8 to 22, B - 1/500sec focal plain shutter. Camera has an interchangable magazine, you can load 2 kinds of film and before either is exhausted you can switch out magazine. Load one B/W other color then have at it. Camera is in operational shape, just the case is a bit worn.
John Guralny (Liverpool, NY 13088)

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   Adox Polo
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