Konica Konilette 35

Konitor f3.5/45mm
B, 1/25-1/200

Basic camera

Not for sale!

(addited comment from visitors:)

Deze camera ken ik, kostte meen ik 59 gulden en werd door Fodor Rotterdam geimporteerd. Groet Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre Hayet (culemborg)

I am unable to thank you fully for the bloogpsts on your website. I know you placed a lot of time and effort into all of them and really hope you know how deeply I enjoy it. I hope I am able to do the identical thing for someone else sooner or later.
yOhyuwxsNE (WoJNc7lMcw)


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   Konica Konilette 35
Konica Konilette 35
Konica Konilette 35
269 (09-03-2013)