Agfa Optima 200 sensor

Agfa Color-Apotar 1:2,8/42mm
Agfa Paratic 1/30 bis 1/300

Selenium meter. The wind-lever on bottom is also used for rewinding the film. This was the first Agfa with the red "sensor"-button.

Not for sale!

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Please, tellme more about this machine, i?ve one but idon?t know about...
Gilmar (LisbonPortugal)

Hi! I run a analog photography blog ( and wish to use your agfa optima 200 in a article about the camera in portuguese and provide a link to your page. Can I have your permission? Cheers! Julio
Julio Franēa (Brasil)

Como no hace mucho que sigo el blog no tenƃĀ­a idea de que My Home Style era cosa tuya, aunque no puedo decir que me ch.eoq.u. Me encanta!
vnh5mvm95 (BL6l97Yx3)


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   Agfa Optima 200 sensor
Agfa Optima 200 sensor
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