Dacora Digna

Achromat 1:8 / 80 mm

Simple camera with telescoping front.

Not for sale!

(addited comment from visitors:)

My first camera. Good pictures due to large negative size and black&white film. Very fast to use !!
Kaj Sundberg (Finland)

We Have a Dacora Digna similar to the ones depicted with Vario stamped on the telescopic lense apparatus with a slightly damaged case, is this an earlier version than yours? can you give me an idea of the value please?
Mr James Daley (UK)

I have had this camera left to me and im wondering if this a valuble item to keep hold of or sell please if any one has any advise please email me thankyou .
Mr Roger Hall (Rotherham England)

hi i have one of these 4 sale 2 the right buyer any one wish to contact me please do i can converm by phone on 01709 552860
Roger Hall (South yorkshire England)

Hi! I have Dacora Digna with pronto shutter.Ser.Nr:71641. Correlar 1:2.9 f=8cm. Camera is very good condition! If you want it, make me an offer.
Kari Kosela (Finland)

Have a Dacora Color Digna I would you please advise year of manufacture and selling price. Many thanks for your help.
Hazel Holmes (United Kingdom)

ik heb geen info hier over . wel een vraag bij het leeghalen van het huis van mijn ouders , kwam ik deze camera ook tegen, kunt u mij zeggen als ik het zou verkopen wat de prijs daarvan is ,ik las dat u er ook een verkocht had bvd ik verkoop hem niet hoor ,is toch een stukje nostalgie
henk (arnhem)


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   Dacora Digna
Dacora Digna